A New Adventure

Where to begin! It’s been a long time without a new post and now that things have settled down I feel like I can finally write about all of the things that have happened over the last few months, the biggest by far being that I’ve moved from Florida to Colorado alone. But I’m getting ahead of myself, lets back up a little.

After countless ups and downs last year I quickly began to realize that I needed a change, and not anything small like a new haircut or wardrobe, I was craving something big. I started to feel like this little fire had been lit in me, making me stir crazy and pushing me at full speed out of Florida and along with it, out of my entire comfort zone. I knew I had thoroughly worn my 10+ years spent in Florida when I started to genuinely struggle to think of new things to try, and adventures to be had in the state.

After not being able to shake this feeling for a few months I figured it wouldn’t hurt to start applying to jobs out of state. As soon as I got back to Florida from the California road trip I started my hunt for jobs in other places. I wasn’t exactly sure where I wanted to end up; I applied for jobs across California, in Atlanta, and Denver mostly since they were all places I could see myself living in, and not getting bored of anytime soon. January seemed to go by in the blink of an eye, then February and my birthday/Mardi Gras trip, and before I knew it it was already mid April and I was starting to get worried. I only had until the end of July to figure out my plan before my lease in Tallahassee ended, and the job hunt was proving to be just as difficult as you’d expect. Who would want to hire me all the way from Florida when there are so many qualified candidates in the big cities I was applying in already!? Nevertheless, I kept at it and still couldn’t shake the feeling that some big change was on the horizon, no matter how hopeless my job search could sometimes seem. Mid April rolled around and I decided to try and forget about the stress of my impending life changes on my Lucky Duck cabin trip by focusing on enjoying time with some of my favorite people in a beautiful place. After that trip and seeing so many of my friends from all over the country doing amazing things, I felt refreshed and even more determined to change my situation. I kicked the job hunt into high gear and applied to at least one job every night after work, keeping my fingers crossed that something would come of it soon.

This next piece of the story easily landed itself a spot as one of the moments that will be burned into my memory forever. I was standing outside in my front yard on the phone with my mom and I remember asking her “do you think it’s a completely stupid idea to move to Colorado (by now I’d narrowed my search down to Denver) at the end of the summer even if I don’t have a job lined up?”. Of course since my mom is the most encouraging person I know, she talked to me about how worst comes to worst I could find some temp work there once I moved, and promised things would work out. We hung up and as hopeful as my mom sounded, I was still feeling anxious and unsure as ever as I went back upstairs to my room. The funny thing about life, I’ve since learned, is that it has a way of working out just when you start to think it never will. Back inside, I opened up my laptop to an email from one of my dream companies in Denver saying they were interested in setting up a phone interview with me, thus kicking off the most grand adventure I could’ve imagined.

Needless to say after multiple phone, Skype, and even an in person interview while I was on a quick trip to what was going to be my new city, I somehow landed the job. I got the call one night after work and could feel the room start to spin as I pinched myself to try and convince myself that this was actually happening. It felt like I barely had a chance to blink before the next two weeks were over, and I was standing in an empty home that was no longer home to me, saying my last goodbye to my friends,  and to this town that molded me in so many ways. I’ll never forget pulling onto the interstate, headed a direction I’d never driven before, and watching that town fade away in the rearview mirror as I hurdled myself full speed toward the unknown.

Since then things have settled down a lot, I’ve made great friends, and managed to build myself a little home here in Denver. Its mind blowing to me how perfectly things fall into place when you’re really meant to do something. I think I’ll leave this post here though, and get to the logistics of everything another time. Until then…

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