New Years Eve in LA | Cali Road Trip Day 11!

The final morning of our grand California adventure came all too soon. Sarah and I started the morning by walking down the street to Starbucks in DTLA to get all of us breakfast. Unfortunately the area we were in was pretty sketchy and we had some scary guys hollering at “ass ass ass” at us as we walked by. But we indeed got our breakfast sandwiches and made it back to Myles who graciously cleaned up the Airbnb while we were gone. Once we were fed and the place was lookin good we called an uber to our next and final hotel of the trip :,( called The Highland Garden in Hollywood. We checked in, dropped of our stuff, and got in another uber up to Griffith Observatory, there was no time to waste for our last day! Griffith Observatory is a must do if you’re visiting LA. You get to see amazing views of the Hollywood sign and the LA skyline, see countless cool science exhibits, AND its completely free. Today was another cloudy and rainy day which apparently is super rare for LA but even though the visibility wasn’t as good as it normally is it was still an awesome experience. We checked out the gift shop before we left and played with a stuffed Einstein and planets and even got to see cool magnet tricks from this guy who worked there. Eventually we took an Uber back to the hotel so we could freshen up before exploring more and in the ride back Myles asked our driver where he would live if he could go anywhere and he said South Dakota which is such a weird coincidence because thats where I’m originally from and nobody ever seems to talk about it! As crazy as that is it actually wasn’t the only weird Uber coincidence of the day! Even though it was a rainy LA day we weren’t about to let that stop us from seeing everything on our list. Our hotel was in an amazing location and we were able to walk down a couple blocks and be right in the heart of everything on Hollywood Boulevard. We got to see the stars on the walk of fame, the Chinese Theatre, and even some of the cool street performers. Pretty soon the rain started picking up so we spent $5 to buy a huge umbrella from some guy selling them on the walk of fame (smart man) and eventually took cover in this cute bar/restaurant called Snow White’s Cafe. We ate cheap chicken sandwiches and got giant 36oz beers for only $7! After that we were feeling reenergized and headed back out to brave the weather and finish our adventures. We made a pit stop at the Hollywood and Highlands shopping center to get a different view of the Hollywood sign, wandered around a massive touristy gift shop, witnessed a protest that blocked traffic for a good few minutes, got free chocolates by stopping in the Ghirardelli store, and finally grabbed a couple bottles of wine at CVS before walking back to our hotel to take a much needed break until it was time for the New Years Eve Festivities to begin. We spent a good amount of time back at our hotel recovering from our nonstop adventures and getting ready for the evening. We decided to order postmates from this place called Veggie Grill and Sarah accidentally canceled my order when we got a notification about it hahah. It was totally fine though and her and Myles both shared their food with me. After our much needed chill time we were ready for the night! Sarah has a cousin that lives in LA and who just so happened to be turning 30 on this New Years Eve. He was nice enough to invite all of us to his party at this really cool bar called La Poubella where they had a whole big part reserved. Oh! Almost forgot about the other weird Uber coincidence of the day. On our way to the party the Uber driver told us she lived in Melbourne in the past and her dad worked at the same place that Myles does! It’s such a small world. Anyways, at the party I got to meet a bunch of Sarah’s family members who were all so welcoming and fun. We danced and mingled the rest of the night and it was honestly just so much fun. I couldn’t imagine a better way to ring in the new year if I tried, this is one I will definitely remember forever.Once the clock hit midnight and we celebrated the end of 2016 and a fresh start with the new year for awhile we went back to the hotel for the final sleep of our trip. Once back Sarah and I had a huge burst of energy though and ended up running around the halls of the hotel vlogging ourselves and trying to buy popcorn out of the hotel vending machine. We got plenty of weird looks and laughs from strangers in the hotel but it was so much fun we didn’t care what anyone was thinking about us. Eventually our energy ran out and we fell asleep with about 3 hours to spare before we had to wake up to make it to the airport for our flights. After one last crazy Uber ride (probably the scariest one I’ve ever been in, we were inches away from crashing into a car who was turning into McDonalds but were also too tired to be overly concerned) we got to LAX with plenty of time to spare. Sarah and Myles were on a different flight than I was as we were heading to different parts of Florida so we had to say our goodbyes as soon as we made it to the airport. I got through security exponentially fast and found myself a coffee bean to eat breakfast at and write down everything I could remember about this day.I can’t thank Sarah and Myles enough for taking me with them on this entire California trip. I never knew how many amazing places were waiting to be explored in Cali and I couldn’t have imaged a better way to see the state. After a year full of quite a few peaks and valleys this trip allowed me to start 2017 with a clean slate and an adventurous mind. Everything about the trip was better than I could’ve imagined and I can’t wait for the next big adventure with my best friends.

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