Venice Beach and Downtown LA | Cali Road Trip Day 10!

On day 10 of our adventures we awoke with the rising sun for the last time as today was the day we sadly had to return our Escape Campervan which had served as our home for the past week. Once we all shook the sleep from our eyes we hit the road after filling up with McDonalds breakfast and coffees. We filled Lady Luck up with gas and took off on one of the longer legs of the journey to our final stop, Los Angeles. Myles once again did an amazing job navigating the two and a half hour drive and LA traffic in the van and got us safely to Venice Beach for one last pit stop before we had to officially turn in Lady Luck.Our time exploring Venice Beach didn’t last too long as it was quite chilly and rainy, but we did manage to play around on Muscle Beach, eat some Acai bowls (surprisingly my first time ever having one!), and get a glimpse of some street performers. Overall I feel like we got the full Venice Beach experience and while it wasn’t any of our favorite places it was still cool to be able to take it all in. After a bit we drove near LAX to say our goodbyes and hand back over the keys to Lady Luck. I can’t say enough good things about our experience with Escape Campervan Rentals. I feel like living out of the van for as long as we did changed me a bit in some ways. Its such a freeing feeling to live on the road with only a small suitcase of belongings and I honestly think I’ll be a more minimalistic person forever after this experience. I definitely, definitely will be taking another trip in an Escape Campervan again someday, especially since they have so many locations across the country, theres endless places waiting to be explored.

Even though saying by to Lady Luck was sad, we had more adventures calling our name so we hopped in an uber to Downtown LA and went to find our Airbnb for the night. Finding this Airbnb was slightly more complicated than expected as the host had never used the site before and we weren’t quite sure how to get into the building or what exact apartment number we were staying in. But after some searching we did indeed find our place, a little loft right in the heart of DTLA with a beautiful view of the city.

Wine from Solvang in a glass from Napa with a view of Downtown LA.

We relaxed for a bit and opened up and finished our bottle of Dego Red wine from the night before in Solvang and got ready to hit the town. Sarah found the yummiest little place for dinner called the Cabbage Patch where we all got delicious chicken and rice and beers. I wish we had one of these places where I live now because I thought the food was so good. Now that our bellies were all full we were ready for some bar hopping! First stop was called the 6th Street Tavern which we ended up loving because they were playing the FSU game and Sarah and I got a round of drinks on the guy sitting next to me and convinced him to route for FSU all because I gave his girlfriend my hair tie. Next we found a library bar where Myles got a beer that tasted just like peanut butter and we all also got black berry brambles that were so good. Downtown was surprisingly empty but the bars were full and it was a great time. Our last stop of the evening was to The Last Bookstore which was amazing! There were multiple stories of all kinds of books and we could’ve easily spent hours here. Sarah and I both ended up picking out a book and we took some of the classic Instagram worthy pictures with their book tunnel. On the way home we stopped at what I thought was Rite Aid but actually ended up just being Walgreens which I found to be highly disappointing since we have those in Florida. Back at the Airbnb we spent an unspecified amount of time wander the halls of the apartment because the listing said their was rooftop access but we ended up never figuring out how to get on the roof. It was also raining heavily by this point though so not sure what we were thinking searching for the roof that long haha. Honestly I was feeling pretty good by this point after all our bar hopping and don’t quite remember getting back into our loft, but I do remember waking up in the middle of the night with all my going-out clothes still on sitting upright on the couch LOL. It was one of the best nights ever and I’m so happy I got to spend it with Sarah and Myles. I never got a favorite part of the day answer from Sarah and Myles on this day but mine was definitely exploring The Last Bookstore with them and being really excited to be in Rite Aid even though it was actually Walgreens.

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