Sippin Wine in Solvang | Cali Road Trip Day 9!

Day 9 out of 11 of the trip of a lifetime already!? This California adventure was going by way to fast but waking up in our little Chumash campground in SLO was just another perfect morning to savor. As content as I was to wake up another morning in our happy little camper van, myself and the rest of the gang were in dire need of showers yet again. We spent virtually no time getting ready and once we were all awake we waved goodbye to Chumash as we hit the road on our way to the next adventure in Solvang!

Once off the highway our top priority was finding the showers and getting ourselves cleaned up. A hugely pleasant surprise for me was that the RV park we were staying at for our last night in the camper van (SAD) was also the fanciest. It was called the Flying Flags RV Park and had all the bells and whistles a top notch RV park could possibly have, complete with warm cookies when you checked in and huge, clean, private bathroom showers.Once we were all ready to rumble we jumped back in the van and made the short drive to downtown Solvang. If you’ve never heard of it, Solvang is this amazing little Danish tourist town in between SLO and LA. It’s chock full of Danish bakeries, candy shops, amazing architecture, and a surprising amount of wineries for such a small place. I highly recommend stopping through here if you’re ever on a Pacific coast road trip!Our first stop after we finally were able to find a parking spot big enough for our van Lady Luck, or any parking spot at all really (be forewarned this is a super popular and busy little town!), was to find lunch. We ended up at a perfectly danish looking sandwich shop called Panino where Myles and I got sandwiches with chicken and sun-dried tomatoes and Sarah got a Cobb salad with prosciutto. With our tummies full of delicious food we were ready to start exploring some of the shops around town. Of course we had to stop into one of the Danish bakeries where Sarah got a pretzel, Myles got an amazing looking slab of fudge to bring home to his Mom, and I just ooo-d and awe-d at all of the yummy treats. We also stopped into a couple souvenir shops looking for the perfect gift for my mom (I ended up picking out a Danish clog magnet), as well as a candy shop with countless candies straight from Denmark. We also couldn’t leave without checking out the classic windmill that shows up right away when you google Solvang. Turns out its another winery! We didn’t try any of the wine there but it did spark our interest and soon after we were on a mission to find the wineries in Solvang with the best deals possible. The first one we ended up stopping at was called Dascomb which was unlike any other wine tasting I had ever done because it included either a cheese or chocolate pairing with each wine. BEST WINERY EVER. The wines were all delicious and the employees were so friendly. Once we finished up they gave us a 2 for 1 wine tasting coupon that was good at another winery right down the road, so off we went to see what that one had in store. This winery ¬†was called Casa Cassara and it also had so many good wines that we even decided to buy a bottle because 1. It was delicious, and 2. If you bought a bottle at this winery one of your tastings was free AND you got another 2 for 1 coupon for another winery of your choice in town. As you can probably imagine its easy to drink LOTS of wine here and spend LOTS of money, so be prepared! After Casa Cassara it was starting to get a little late and we needed to slow down just a little so we went into a cute little mini mart and got some waters. We tried going to a wine and chocolate pairing for our final winery of the evening but since we were losing daylight fast we ended up getting to that one just after they were done giving tastings for the night. With our options limited we ended up finding one of the few wineries open a little later to take advantage of our last BOGO tasting coupon where we were able to get 3 tastings for only $15. While this was definitely a steal it was also a collective least favorite of all of us after being spoiled with such fun pairings at the other wineries.

Once we finished up our last tasting we were all feeling fat and happy and were ready to say goodbye to our adventures in Solvang. It is definitely the perfect place for a day trip so once again I highly recommend making a trip to this incredibly unique little town if you ever have the chance! On our way home we were all starving and noticed that Firestone Walker Brewing Company had a location just down the road from our RV park. This is the brewery that made my favorite beer of the trip, the 805, so we had to check it out. It ended up being one of the biggest and coolest breweries I’ve ever been to with huge high ceilings and a ton of cool merchandise. Sarah and I ended up finding matching awesome long sleeved black shirts with the 805 logo down each sleeve that we couldn’t pass up. It was also one of the comfiest shirts ever and I was quickly running out of clean clothes on the trip so the purchase was a win-win all around. New shirts in hand we got seated for dinner where we all ordered the same BBQ chicken pizza’s and a round of 805’s. It was a delicious meal in a super cool place and I don’t think it was psychically possible for me to be any happier. Back at the camper van Sarah and I had to put on our newest addition to our matching shirt collection and dance around out of happiness until we were tired enough to fall asleep. We all passed out soon enough only to be awoken at 1am by a rain storm that sounded like rocks hitting the roof of the camper van. Rain and all I savored every moment of our bittersweet last night sleeping in Lady Luck.

Our Favorite Parts from our day in Slovang:

Myles and Sarah: The wine and cheese pairing winery

Hana: Getting to go to the brewery that makes my new favorite beer, what a special thing!

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