San Luis Obispo | Cali Road Trip Day 8!

Day 8 of our adventure started off a little more slowly as we all took our time eating our breakfast of oatmeal with peanut butter, and drinking instant coffee out of our wine glasses from Napa. There was a little picnic table right next to our van’s spot at this campsite so I decided to eat breakfast there and watch the sun rise over Highway 1 and the Pacific Ocean through the trees. Once we all finished eating and getting ready we said goodbye to our cute campsite and headed out for the last stretch of our drive down Highway 1.DSC00808Not far into the drive we noticed multiple pull off areas along the side of the road where you could stop and look at tons of huge sea lions and elephant seals so as soon as we found one with large enough parking for the van we got out to see for ourselves. We couldn’t believe how huge and how many of these guys there were hanging out on the beach so close to the highway. We watched them sunbathe and make weird noises for awhile before hopping back in the van en route to San Luis Obispo!DSC00857DSC00861DSC00869The minute we got off the exit into San Luis Obispo we drove straight to the first Target we could find to finally pick up full sized towels. We only had two nights left in the campervan at this point, but being able to use a full sized towel after our next shower was high on our priority list. I also changed into my clothes for the day in the Target bathroom since I hadn’t felt like changing out of my pajamas for the drive. Once we got our big towels and were feeling fresh our next priority was lunch! We used our favorite method of finding a place to eat, which entailed driving the van around until we stumbled upon something that looked good. This time the placed we ended up at was called Petra Mediterranean Pizza & Grill where we shared a pineapple pizza and each had an 805 beer like the one I had loved in Monterey. Just like all of the people we had met traveling through California so far, the guy working here was super friendly and talked to us about our van which drew quite the attention being parked in their little lot.DSC00875After our stomachs were full of pizza and beer we parked the van in a big parking garage in downtown SLO. Our first order of business was to make our way to bubblegum alley which is one of SLO’s famous landmarks. We braved the germs and made our way down the alley until we found the perfect spot to leave our own mark by sticking our gum on the wall. After that we took our time exploring the little streets and popping into various stores, one of which was a candy store called Rocket Fizz. This store not only had walls lined with candy, but it housed tons of the weirdest flavored sodas from Vampire blood, to grass, and everything in between. One of the nicest guys we met on our trip was Willie who worked at the store and noticed us contemplating buying one of the sodas to try. He told us about how he’d been wanting to try the dirt soda and offered to buy a bottle and let us try it too! You can watch our reactions in our vlog from the day. Willie was so great and we all even followed each other on insta, how cute is that!? The people in Cali never ceased to amaze me with how friendly they were. Sarah and I also decided to buy a pimple soda (actually marshmallow flavor but don’t tell anyone!) and drink it while walking the streets of SLO in our matching Yosemite shirts, leggings, and boots.DSC00879DSC00882DSC00887DSC00888DSC00892DSC00895

In the midst of our wandering we came across a brewery called SLO Brew and being the kind of people that aren’t known to pass up a brewery we decided to go in. Sarah and I both got flights which came with 4 beers of your choice for only $8 and Myles got a whisky. This place had such a laid back vibe and the beers were great, I would definitely recommend stopping by if you’re ever in SLO. After awhile it started getting chilly so we decided to head to our campsite for the night. I loved walking the streets of SLO so much. It reminded me a little bit of St. Augustine, FL, if you’ve ever been there, with a small town vibe and tons of cute and unique shops.DSC00896DSC00901DSC00905Back at the campsite we took some necessary pics on top of the van and walked around a little to see our views of the mountains and campsite. The name of this campsite was Chumash which I thought was so cute and funny for some reason. Myles decided to take a shower here which was apparently luke warm and he had to pay $1 for it so he wasn’t too happy with this campground. Also, they ran out of firewood so we couldn’t make a camp fire which was highly disappointing because we hadn’t had one yet on our trip. Oh one other thing, it’s right next to the California men’s Colony which is an all male prison and the bathroom has warnings about sirens that could mean prisoners are on the loose. Haha aside from all that, this campsite did it’s job by giving us a safe-ish place to park the van for the night. We hung out in the van watching more black mirror, funny videos of monkeys that Sarah follows on Instagram, and some of the videos we had taken so far on the trip. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard but we were all practically crying at how embarrassing and awkward we are on the vlogs. It was a great end to our perfect day.DSC00908DSC00910DSC00912Favorite parts from Day 8:

Myles: Seeing the huge elephant seals

Sarah: Walking around SLO in our matching outfits

Me: Trying the sodas at Rocket Fizz


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