Blue Ridge, GA – Lucky Duck Reunion 2017

This weekend myself and 12 of the Lucky Ducks rented a cabin up in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Georgia. We had friends from all around the country fly in and make road trips up to our little getaway in the mountains for a long weekend of relaxing and reconnecting. Michael, Kandice, Erica and I all met up once we finished work on Friday afternoon and made the 6 hour drive together fueled by our anticipation to get the weekend started. We ended up being the last group to arrive at the cabin but as soon as we got there everyone picked back up right where we left off the last time we all saw each other and the rest of the weekend seemed to go by in the blink of an eye.IMG_1929IMG_1940IMG_0950IMG_0952IMG_0944IMG_0949IMG_0947IMG_0953IMG_0941Saturday we all piled into a couple of cars together and headed to Downtown Blue Ridge to get lunch and explore the town. We pet some doggos that Russell found in a parking lot after lunch, and then ended up at a little bar that had an outdoor patio where we chilled out for awhile. Sarah, Jenna, and I all did a wine tasting there that gave us a glass to keep and 6 Blue Ridge Cellar wines to try; our favorite one smelled and tasted just like a Georgia peach. Our cabin had everything we could want from a hot tub, to a game room complete with pool table, a fire pit, and 3 balconies with views of the mountains, so after being downtown for awhile we were ready to go back and take advantage of all it had to offer. We stopped at Walmart on the way back where Sarah and I went off searching for an eyebrow shaver but ended up only finding a new pair of matching shirts, still a successful trip I’d say. When we got back the boys spent some time throwing the football outside and we all played games before eating dinner, making use of the hot tub, listening to Mike and Chase play the guitar and sing us songs, and attempting to do yoga in the game room later on.IMG_0962IMG_0961IMG_1939IMG_0959IMG_0976IMG_0969IMG_0967IMG_0977IMG_0968IMG_1889IMG_1869IMG_1870IMG_0985IMG_0983IMG_0979FullSizeRender17879796_10155263886244884_2498284001904938543_oSunday morning we split up as part of our group decided to hangout and enjoy the cabin and the other half of us decided to go hike Blood Mountain on the Appalachian Trail. Sarah and Myles had already done this hike before and said it reminded them of the hike we did in Big Sur with a decent elevation gain and a 360 degree view of the mountains at the top. Once we made it to the summit we claimed a spot on a big rock overlook and ate our pb&j sandwiches for lunch before heading back down. We were all pretty beat afterwards and spent our last night at the cabin hanging out in the hammock Erica brought and relaxing around the fire together.IMG_1012IMG_1005IMG_0999IMG_0994IMG_1014IMG_1017IMG_1018IMG_1021IMG_0897IMG_0992IMG_0895IMG_1903IMG_0940IMG_1941Monday morning came all too quickly as we said our goodbyes to our cabin and each other. There’s never a dull moment for the Lucky Ducks and it was so much fun getting so many of us back together in one place again. A few of us stopped back in Atlanta on our way out of town to drop people off at the airport and eat lunch together before heading back to our respective cities and homes. I feel so lucky to have friends like these that can bridge our gaps in geography and come together after so much time apart to pick back up where we left off. You could definitely say I’m one Lucky Duck.IMG_1918IMG_1914IMG_1917IMG_1922IMG_1930

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