Big Sur | Cali Road Trip Day 7!

One of my favorite things about staying in the campervan was waking up to the sunrise peaking in through the curtains every morning. It is the most freeing feeling to wake up with the sun every morning and wonder about what adventures each new day holds. Once the sun woke us up this morning we were anxious to hit the road and see what awaited us in Big Sur, so Sarah and I decided to get ready in the van while Myles drove. Driving down Highway 1 is an experience in itself with breathtaking views of the bright blue ocean and the most windy twists and turns that you could imagine. It was just like driving through the windy road to Yosemite except you had the possibility of driving off the cliff into the ocean with one false move. I actually started to get a little car sick sitting in the back of the van since it was so bumpy and twisty, but Sarah is the best and let me sit up front most of the way which helped a lot.

DSC00707editDSC00708After driving for a little while we pulled off onto one of the many stopping points along Highway 1 to take in the sight of Bixby Bridge. We took our fair share of pictures but nothing compares to seeing it in person, it was absolutely gorgeous.DSC00710DSC00714Not too much farther down Highway 1 was our next stop: Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. We arrived near the middle of the day and there were cars parked along the highway outside of the park entrance for such a long way! I would definitely recommend  trying to get here as early as you can but once we found a spot big enough to park the van & made our way into the park it didn’t seem overly crowded. First we did a tiny little hike which takes you through a tunnel and out on the other side you’re greeted with the view of McWay Falls. This was definitely the most quintessential Big Sur item that I was looking forward to seeing and it didn’t disappoint. There’s just something special about seeing a waterfall hit the soft sand and flow into the bright blue ocean water that was magical.DSC00728DSC00751DSC00752McWay Falls was just a warm up for us though, and after soaking the views in we were inspired and ready to take on the Ewoldsen Trail. This trail is a 4.5 mile long loop ranging in difficulty from easy to hard. Sarah and Myles planned pretty much our entire trip so I had no idea what to expect going into this hike but it ended up being unlike any I’ve done before. It starts along the McWay Creek at the base of a forest of redwoods which makes the air smell amazing and shades the sun from you. DSC00772DSC00766DSC00764As you go along you end up gradually hiking higher and higher until you turn a corner and are treated to a view of the ocean so large that you can nearly see the curvature of the Earth. This was one of the harder hikes I’ve ever done seeing as most of my experience is in Florida where the trails have no incline whatsoever, but being rewarded with that view of the California coast was SO worth it.DSC00794DSC00784DSC00782DSC00787By the end of the hike we were all pretty wore out and our feet were hurtin’ so we hopped back in the van and drove to our next campsite. We stayed at the Plaskett Creek Campground which was right off of Highway 1 and was probably my favorite campsite of the trip. It was so cute and small and I loved seeing all of the other campers around their fires, playing with their dogs, and just enjoying the outdoors. Another perk to this site was that directly across the highway was Sand Dollar beach which just happened to be the perfect lookout spot for watching the sunset. We all stood and admired the sun glowing over the Pacific and the mountains and the highway until it was almost completely gone before heading back to our van. To top off another perfect day we spotted a big owl in one of the trees as we were walking through the field that led back to our campground! Sarah and I have always been obsessed with everything owl so it was awesome to see a wild one in person with her.DSC00808DSC00813DSC00826DSC00835DSC00827Back at our home base we made soup and smores in the camper van and looked at pictures from the first half of our trip and our cats back home. Then we made the van bed (we were pro’s by now) and watched more episodes of our favorite show of the trip, Black Mirror until we fell asleep. Our favorite parts from Big Sur were unanimous: hiking the Ewoldsen Trail and getting rewarded with that amazing view.


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